Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This Is Jamaica...I LOVE YOU!

This Is Jamaica...I LOVE YOU!

This is Jamaica
windswept...covered in majesty
beautiful in all her splendor
she is a queen

she calls me and I listen
she touches me and I come alive
she is my queen
she is where I want to be

yesterday the world lied to me
I was told to leave you behind
I was told to never look back
I gave up on you

yet you stuck by me
I surrendered to another
yet you called me you own
you never left me could I ever have left?

Your voice calls out across the divide we call space and time
all your children know your voice
they know your rhythm
they know you

You are our queen
I freely offer the best of who I AM
I will love you once more
without conditions...ours is unconditional and forever

How else can I express what I feel for you
only with the promise of living my best life
only with the certainty of truth
Can I express to you...Jamaica, I LOVE YOU!

© David Galloway 2010

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