Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dear Lord

Dear  Lord,

As our children get ready for the school year and all the parents work to make the transition  an easy one, We pray in a collective voice, with hearts that are loving and caring for the safety, protection, health and the fullfillment of dreams of our children.

May they find joy in learning, may they find treasures in the books and words of their teachers.

Dear  Lord  may the teachers find joy in teaching our children, may they also find treasures in the words of our children.  May all the parents have the means to provide the best environment for nurturing and growing healthy bodies, souls and minds.  Yes Lord we ask that your grace be upon our families from the youngest to the eldest, though near or far let your blessings reach them oh Lord.

Dear  Lord  cover the children and the teachers  with your blanket that is rich with wonder and amazement, rich with love and abundance, rich with unity, rich with life, rich with will, rich with power, rich with your grace, and  cover them oh Lord, so they may never be separated from your grace.

We ask you Lord to protect the roads that our children travel on to get to school, touch the minds of those who are driving our children to school—teach them patience Lord, and let it be a year with safety as a primary concern. Let it be a year of attentiveness to not only with what we do but also what others are doing on the road. We need you as our driving partner, we need you to step in and bridge the gap where we fall short.

Dear  Lord  we ask these things in prayer on behalf of our children and the families across this Land We Love.  

May  all of our children and teachers and parents have great school year!

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