Monday, February 21, 2011

From ovewhelmed... to awareness... to action!

Feeling low down and heavy
why continue the fight
why push the limits
the doors are always closed
the road just stretches on

the songs we sing are all so sad
our soul stirs and we feel it once more
we feel the glow
we embrace the warmth

this is Jamaica, beautiful...immaculate
windswept and covered with possibilities
mysterious...yet we know you
you cry and our heart breaks

you only wanted to be seen
you only wanted to be heard
You only wanted your children next to you
yes Jamaica...we are here

alive and ready to act
ready to serve
your call to action is well received
yes we hear you Jamaica

overwhelmed no more by the challenges and the setbacks
aware forever more of the solutions and the reasons why we are here
we are here to actively celebrate you and we do Jamaica, yes we do


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