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Turning Ripples into Waves: A Call to Action

Turning Ripples into Waves: A Call to Action


by Bridges To Jamaica on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 9:23am
As the new year takes shape Jamaica has seen an awakening of intentions and purpose. The national will seems to be alive as our people engage in a dialogue that is outside the political arena. We are talking in many ways unlike the past generations. We are online chatting, texting, sending letters to the editors, writing our politicians and communicating with the global village. Our Diaspora has answered the call and are engaging the issues of the day.

The promise that is Jamaica has not been fulfilled and a call has been made to us from our ancestors to complete the business of perfecting Jamaican life and politics. What we must do is live our lives in a meaningful way that is in keeping with our motto "Out Of Many One People". Jamaica must draw from its strengths, we are an island with an abundance of sunshine and fertile soil, our eco-system is relatively vibrant, our people are aggressive and creative, our industries are at an embryonic stage, our society is open to living a civil life, and our tradition of family is still a part of who we are. Jamaica can answer the call, and we must.

Answering the call starts with you and me. It starts from the womb all the way to the tomb. It is the father who choose to remain and be a focus in his families life, it is the mom who chooses to teach her child(ren) the values that are consistent with civility and love of family and country, it is the teacher who tirelessly works with that student who just just cannot get it, it is the police man who will not accept a bribe or willingly be a party to corruption, it is the farmer who has decided to remain in his chosen vocation in spite of the relentless assault on his way of life by the fast food society, it is the pastor who walks his parish and preach the good news, it is also the politician who claim our values as his own and answers the call to action.

This call to action is seen as only a ripple, but we are witness to what is yet to come. The wave is building and our future is calling,our ancestors are also watching. What will we do? We will answer the call one and all, rich and materially deficient, young and old and of course civilians and politicians.We are extending our reach and we are asking you today to answer this call to action.

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